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05 Aug

The fashion world is known for its glamour and glitz. Pursuing your career in the field of Fashion Designing can be fascinating, but the idea of getting started in the right direction can be overwhelming. Maybe questions like what do fashion designers do,

  1. What opportunities I have after becoming a fashion designer?
  2. Why did I choose fashion designing as a career?
  3. What skills I learn during fashion designing?
  4. What are the advantages of Fashion designing course?
  5. How much can I earn after being a designer? Etc…

As you march ahead in the path of whether fashion designing is the right career choice for you, you need to have answers to all your questions first. However, do not worry! With the right fashion designing and the Best Fashion Designing Course, your career choice will get easier than you might imagine. Just learn the necessary skills and you will soon be on your way.

Benefits of a Fashion Designing Course

The field of Fashion Designing is one of the most intriguing and astonishing career options of today’s generation. If you have that flair for creativity and impeccable personal style, the intriguing world of fashion designing is just for you.

How to Make a Career in Fashion Designing?

The love for designing clothes is not just enough to be a good fashion designer. One needs expert guidance and experience to become a successful fashion designer, as your skills can be polished with the right training.

take your small step towards your creative career path

Step 1: Get a Bachelor’s Degree

Fashion Designing is the most popular Degree Program For Fashion Designers. This degree will focus on both academics and hands-on experience. You might also be required to learn CAD technology, the most essential component for successful designers today.

A degree program will help place students with internships to begin gaining invaluable work experience before graduation.  It will also help the budding designers to learn essential workplace skills like how to meet deadlines, how to work on a budget, and how to work with limited resources and tools.

Step 2: Internship and Work Experience

The starting career of a fashion designer often starts as an intern or assistant designer. An Internship with a Degree Program will provide you with industry insights, skill development, work experience, and more.

You might also consider freelance jobs to improve your portfolio and years of work experience. This will help you gain an edge over the competition for entry-level jobs after graduation and enhance your employability.

Step 3: Learning Certification Programs

While you are working to gain work experience, this will lead to your career advancement. If you want to hone your skills, earn more money and fame, and make yourself a desirable candidate, you should consider enrolling yourself in Certification Programs for Fashion Designing in Bhubaneswar.

Step 4: Develop a Desirable Skill Set

Once you have a Bachelor’s degree and gain some work experience, you should focus on developing the skills that employers find most desirable in the industry. In addition to it, most employers also look for candidates with a solid educational background in fashion and who can understand the technical know-how of the field and are greatly creative and artistic.

They are also looking for candidates with strong visualization skills, who can work in a team, can meet deadlines, can pay attention to detail, and has exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.

Benefits of Learning Fashion Designing

  • Opportunity to unleash your creativity: The sky is the limit for your creativity in the field of Fashion Designing. There are several ways you can showcase your talent by coming up with marvelous designs catering to the demands of fashion-savvy clients across the globe. You can put your hands on designing anything ranging from garments to accessories like scarves, shoes, and handbags.
Benefits of Learning Fashion Designing
  • Wide range of opportunities: The fashion industry has many avenues. It provides many opportunities to earn well and make your dream come true. And with INIFD Bhubaneswar you can get the huge opportunity to brighten your Fashion Designing Career. With us you can get a direct chance to participate in London Fashion Week, Lakme Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and many more. Except that, the fashion design industry hosts a galore of opportunities. As a fashion designer, you can work as a designer in a renowned fashion house, work for fashion magazines, work as a stylist for celebrities, or be a fashion critique. Moreover, a formal study of fashion design can also help in textile, retail, and other industries.
  • Stand out from the crowd: Undergoing Fashion Design Courses will help you to create your own identity and stand out from the crowd. If you love to experiment with your looks, clothes, and accessories, then fashion design is the career for you. Enroll in a Fashion Designing Course in Bhubaneswar to obtain in-depth knowledge and skills in Fashion Designing and get set on a dynamic career.
  • Set up your own venture: As per the report, nearly 25% of fashion designers are self-employed. Pursuing a Fashion Design Course from a reputed Fashion Designing Institute In Bhubaneswar allows you to acquire the skills and knowledge to make a head start in the industry. You can meet likeminded people and network with influential people from the industry during projects, educational visits, etc. By the end of the fashion designing courses, you will be equipped with the right skills, connection, and confidence to start your own venture and start on your entrepreneurial journey.

How or Where to Learn Fashion Designing?

With the best courses for fashion designing in Orissa, you are only meant to step ahead into professionalism with prosperity. Joining the Best Fashion Designing Institute In Bhubaneswar is always a charm for many future fashion learners. INIFD Bhubaneswar offers a full-time professional course in fashion design. This will help you gain theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience to hone your skills and create a place in the industry.

How or Where to Learn Fashion Designing

Enrolling in the best designing institute will help you reap the following benefits:

  • Fast Track your career in fashion
  • Develop your communication skills
  • Learn fashion journalism and research
  • Network with likeminded people
  • Get hands-on experience with educational tours and projects
  • Learn different elements of design creation

As the Best Fashion Designing Institute In Odisha, our courses will equip you with the required understanding of design creation. It will help you to choose a specific area of interest and develop your skills.

Benefits of a Fashion Designing Course

A course in Fashion Designing At INIFD Bhubaneswar involves training the aspirants on various aspects of the craft like drapes, tailoring, patterns, and everything from cuts to colors.

Benefits of a Fashion Designing Course

Today, walking in the path of Fashion Designing is an avenue to promising careers. Fresh graduates are likely to end up in highly paid jobs with the freedom to create innovative designs every day.

  • Fun-filled working environment: Like other design disciplines, fashion design students are blessed with a fun working environment. Forget lengthy assignments and monotonous lectures. Progressive Fashion Designing Institutes In Odisha ensure practical learning in workshops, pattern labs, and photography studios to create an interesting working environment for aspirants to learn and explore.
  • Rewarding career: Fashion design today stands tall as one of the most lucrative career options. While some may get the chance to work with brands and fashion houses, others may start their own clothing and accessory line. The Indian Fashion Industry is gaining popularity taking to its excellent craftsmanship and sustainable design techniques. And we can see this graph only going upwards in the coming future.
  • Exposure to multiple environments: It would not be wrong to say that the fashion industry is one of the most promising ones because of its endless opportunities to participate in multiple environments. Travel is a substantial aspect of a majority of Fashion Designing Courses – from attending a workshop in the city to research work in another. Interestingly, fashion designing is no more confined to the boundaries of a country. It has opened its door for international exposure as well.

Career Options in Fashion Designing

There are various job profiles for fashion designers after pursuing a Fashion Designing Course. Following are some of the Career Options for Fashion Designers that one can opt for:

  • Retail manager
  • Fashion coordinators
  • Fashion stylist
  • Fashion consultant
  • Textile designer
  • Makeup artist
  • Sketching assistant
  • Fashion journalist
  • Jewellery and footwear designer
  • Retail buyer
  • Personal shopper
  • Chief designer
Career Options in Fashion Designing

The top industry for fashion designers includes:

  • Media houses
  • Textile mills
  • Leather companies
  • Garment stores
  • Consulting firms
  • MNCs
  • Corporate businesses
  • Colleges and universities


At INIFD, the best Fashion Designing Institute and Interior Designing Institute in Bhubaneswar, we offer our students 100% placement assistance and help them in their career paths. Our certification courses for the best fashion designing in Bhubaneswar will help students to enhance their skills and provide them with the best of exposure and opportunities.

Furthermore queries visit inifdbhubaneswar.com to know more.

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