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If you still think, why is undergoing an Interior Designing Course so essential, all we have to say is - “thoughtful designing of a space is what makes it functional and organized that can be utilized to its best capacity.” INIFD Bhubaneswar creates exceptional Interior Designers who can transform any space to best suit the need it has to fulfill.

INIFD Bhubaneswar is the best answer for people searching for best Interior Design courses in Bhubaneswar. We teach each students right from the scratch, how to execute beautiful Interior Design for commercial and residential spaces, retail spaces, nightclubs, restaurants and any space that needs organized decor. Our training methodologies have made us one of the leading Interior Designing Institutes in Bhubaneswar with our well-curated design programs.

Our 3 year Specialization Course Interior Designing offers an exclusive opportunity for the students to master in various aspects of interior design such as Bathrooms and Kitchen Designs, Vaastu Shastra, and upcoming fields like Transformable spaces and systems. Students can become professional practitioners in all/any of these fields after completing the 3 year course.

The 3 year course would focus on –
  •    Fundamental of design
  •   Visual communication and presentation
  •   Interior construction and detailing
  •   Evolution of Interior Designing
  •   Studio for Residential space
  •   Interior construction and detailing
  •   Essentials of materials and system
  •   Application of Vaastu and Fengshui
  •   Studio for Cafe and Restaurant
  •   Future of Kitchens and Bathrooms
  •   Transformable systems and space
  •   Portfolio development and presentation

Eligibility Criteria for the 3 Year Specialization Program

You should have a minimum qualification of 10, +2 in streams – Science/Arts/Commerce. Also, students who have completed 10, +3 years of any vocational course/polytechnic can apply.

Syllabus for the 1st year course

INIFD Bhubaneswar understands that students require well-rounded Interior Design training that is in tune with the latest trends and technologies. This is why the 1st year of our course includes a thoughtfully drafted curriculum.

Syllabus for the 2nd year course

In the 2nd year, the students are now equipped with a sizeable amount of knowledge and experience from their 1st year training and are ready to take on a higher level of training and tougher challenges in the designing projects. Some of the subjects that they will learn in the 2nd year are –

1. Studio for the workspace
2. Studio for retail and store
3. Interior service system
4. Furniture design
5. Visual merchandising and display
6. CAD – 2
7. Art and Architecture History – 2

Syllabus for the 3rd year course
At INIFD, we believe that the wider course range that the students are trained in, the larger will be the opportunity scope for them. This is the reason the curriculum of our Interior Designing courses have been created keeping in mind well rounded and highly capable Interior Design professionals.

1. Professional practice
2. Estimating and budgeting
3. Studio for Restaurants and Cafe
4. Landscape design
5. Transformable systems and spaces
6. Luxury Bath and Kitchen
7. CAD - 3
8. Portfolio development and presentation
9.Application of Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui

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