Interior Designing
(PG Program – 2 Yr)


The 2 years PG Program in Interior Designing offered by INIFD is a multi-disciplinary course that encourages students to explore the interior design medium from different perspectives with an emphasis on creative thinking. The program is integrated with conventional and modern approaches to learning and technology, thus enabling students to gain a strong foothold in this booming industry.
The 2 Year Designing Program focuses on the study of interior designing industry, with emphasis on the business and management aspects besides developing designing skills. The program is suited for students aspiring for PG careers in the interior designing. Our Interior Design PG Course is designed to aspire students, help them understand the varied aspects of design such as understanding of structures and space. The program impacts an in-depth study of manipulation of colors, light, form, and texture.
The Designing Course is designed to provide students to acquire the requisite technical knowledge and skills to transform visualized intent into spaces. It focuses more on practical aspects of learning and proper implementation of acquired set of skills and entrepreneurial mind-set.
We also inculcate entrepreneurial skills in our students through multiple industry interactions and internships along with design project.
A Course Overview of our 2 year Program
  • To design interiors that focuses on aesthetics, functionality, and responsible design.
  • Students can build a strong portfolio to create a sense of social presence with their unique design styles
  • Students are given exposure through site visits, factory visits, store visits, and research projects.
  • To understand various concepts like -sustainability, inclusivity, and experiential design that would let them bring a positive difference to the world.
  • To build self-confidence and teach students the necessary skills for handling vendors and become entrepreneurs to market their services.
  • Students at the master level will gain advanced view on interior design which will help them to put their strong foot forward in the design industry.
  • Students will gain valuable insights and understand philosophies of design.
  • Students can become entrepreneurs or lead projects in full confidence.
  • Students have better exposure to stay up-to-date with the industry and are experts in their field of interest.

1. Assistant Architect
2. Entrepreneurship
3. Interior Designer
4. Exhibition Organizer
5. Cutting Assistant
6. Visual Merchandiser
7. Lighting Designer
8. Interior Decorators
9. Interior Stylists
10. Design Partners
11. Interior Landscape Designer
12. Architecture Journalist
13. Restoration & Conservation Specialist

INIFD has the reputation of excelling students as per the industry requirements. The Designing Course Structure is designed based upon the advice of the industry and academy specialists.
Year 1:
Furniture Design Studio
  • Requirement of furniture design
  • Furniture type
  • Material
  • Design theory
  • Design process
Media Communication for Interior Design
  • Fundamental of internet
  • Cloud computing
  • Material
  • Social media
  • Personal brand
Inspiration of Concept Development
  • Design Basis
  • Inspiration
  • Concept
  • Source of inspiration
  • Style
Interior Fabrics
  • Introduction to fabrics
  • Process of manufacturing fabrics
  • Understanding fabrics
  • Fabrics in interior design
  • Selecting fabrics
  • Matching fabrics
  • Calculating fabrics
Year 2:
Light and Space design
  • The lighting Design Profession
  • Designing with Light
  • What is light?
  • Path of Light
  • Light Vision & psychology
  • Distribution of Light
  • Lamps
  • Colour in Light
  • Luminaries
  • Light Controls
  • Residential Lighting
  • Commercial Lighting
  • Retail Lighting
Sustainability and Interior Design
  • Introduction to Sustainable Design
  • Building Design and its Impact
  • Ventilation: Requirement and provision in building
  • Health Risks in a Building
  • Passive Solar Design
  • Photo-voltaic and Solar Hot Water System
Studio for Exhibition Design
  • Introduction to Exhibition Design
  • Types of Exhibition
  • Material, Finishes and Methods for Exhibitions
  • Lighting for Exhibitions
  • Digital Graphics for Exhibitions
Windows Display and Visual Merchandising
  • Getting Started- Visual Merchandising & Display Basics
  • The Store window, Mannequin & Display Technique
  • Props, Promotion and Signage
  • Store set-up Planning the Interior


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