Fashion Designing, 1yr Foundation Program, INIFD Bhubaneswar

Fashion Designing – 1 Year Foundation Program


This Subject will expose the student to the basics of design and the fundamentals of fashion and design theories. Students will learn to understand and appreciate design by exploring and applying the various elements and principles of design including color interaction and their attributes.

  •    Element of Design
  •   Principle of Design
  •   Language of Fashion
  •   Fashion cycles
  •   Marketing Concepts
  •   Fashion categories
  •   Fashion categories
  •   Fashion forecasting
  •   Design


  • Knock off:   Ability to understand kids wear and their marketing
  • Anthropometry:  Ability to use the element and principles of design by understanding the Golden means ratio for kids body types
  • Brand Stylization:  Ability to use the principles of design. Also learning female body type.
  • Lind and 3D Project:  Developing the ability to visually interpret mood and to compose line the given 2D space according to the mood. Also it makes student understand structural element of design language by composing 3D form in given 2D space with 2D material.
  • Trend Forecasting  Understand, assess and evaluate the various methods of forecasting in fashion and to analyse and communicate the global influence affecting trend prediction.
  • Understanding design tools:  Developing the ability to understand different design tool which help in creating a better understanding of design process by creating various board such as mood, concept, inspiration, theme, Style etc.


Students will be introduced to the techniques and basic construction details for women clothing and kids clothing of different age group form infant to teenagers. The study of the patterns making and garment construction technique for kids and women clothing will form the basis of this course.

  •   Introduction
  •   Basics of Pattern Making and Garment Construction
  •   Kids
  •   Women


  • Knock off:   Ability to create patterns and construct the kids garment including necklines sleeves etc.
  • Anthropometry:  Ability to create their own design using the patterns based on previous patterns done./li>
  • Brand Stylization:  Ability to create new design and adaptations based on previous patterns done.
    Capsule Wardrobe Collection : Ability to create patterns and construction women garment including dart manipulation and adaptations.


This subject aims to inculcate an awareness and appreciation of art, culture and clothing of different states of India.

  •   Introduction
  •   Western states of India
  •   Northern states of India
  •   Eastern states of India
  •   Southern states of India
  •   Project-Mini India


  • Mini India:   Developing the ability to understand different ancient civilization and cultural diversities of India.

Certificate You Will Get


Manish Malhotra Online Classes Certificate


Textiles are basic raw material for apparel. The objective of this course is to provide the detailed knowledge about fibres, yarns, fabrics and: their processes and method involved for the construction of textiles.

  •    Textiles
  •   Natural cellulosic fibers
  •   Natural Protein Fibers
  •   Textile Printings
  •   Yarn
  •   Yarn craft
  •   Fashion Manmade Fibers
  •   Manmade Regenerated
  •   Weaving and Knitting
  •   Leather Science


  • Knock off:   Students will get complete understanding about the natural fibers and fabrics used for kids of 3 to 4 Years (e.g.- Organic cotton) and its embellishment techniques (Printing and Knotting).
  • Anthropometry:  Student will get complete understanding about the man-made fabrics used for the higher age group of kid’s i.e 5 to 8 years.
  • Brand Stylization:  Studying the brand the students will have complete knowledge about the on-going trends and also different types of man-made regenerated fabrics.
  • Capsule Wardrobe Collection:  Information about new engineered fancy fabrics used for women’s wear.


This subject forms the foundation of fashion designer’s work as it helps a designer to come up with original ideas. Students will be introduced to the basics kids and female illustration and use of different drawing tools and mediums of color. This course will help the student to develop the understanding of figure proportion of kids and women.

  •   Introduction
  •   Different Mediums
  •   Kids
  •   Women
  •   Fabrics


  • Knock off:   Students will get complete knowledge about drawing croquis for kids of 3-4 Years.
  • Anthropometry:  Students will create a library of illustration for kids by altering the silhouettes and the design element./li>
  • Brand Stylization:  Students will create a spec library and stylized croquis for kids of age group 9-12 years..
  • Capsule Wardrobe collection:  Learned to sketch female figure and its movements. Is also includes rendering of different fabric types.


In this subject the students will understand about different techniques used to enhance fabric. This course will help the students learn different type of machine and hand embroideries.

  •   Embroidery
  •   Quilting
  •   Appliqué Work
  •   Lace work
  •   White work
  •   Smocking
  •   Metal thread embroidery


  • Knock off:  Ability to understand enhancing techniques for fabric surface used for kids of 3 to 4 years (embroideries and appliqué).
  • Anthropometry:    Ability to understand enhancing techniques for fabric surface.
  • Capsule Wardrobe Collection:  Using all different surface ornamentation techniques in the project.