Fashion Designing Course 2023

27 Apr

So what is a fashion?

Every person has some or the other kind of fashion senses which are similar or totally different from the others. As we grew up and saw the world with various kinds of fashion senses. Some with a good sense and the other with his or her own kind. We too had or want to adopt someone’s other fashion which we had seen and wanted to get that on us.

Fashion trends are the expressions of trends which are social culturally grounded in the aesthetic spheres, mostly by means of visual and haptic characteristics applies to the clothing and apparel products and are often considered as fads or short term trends.

In today’s time you can learn all about fashion by opting for the latest fashion designing course from international institute of fashion design (inifd), a premier academic institute of design, management, and technology, aims at establishing the benchmark for the quality of professionals that go into the fashion industry.

Some of the types of fashion styles:-

  1. Classic styles – classic is a formal and old traditional style.
  2. Formal style– it is a part of the classic style and similar to it.
  3. Vintage style – vintage fashion refers to clothing that is about 50 years old or older.
  4. Ethnic style– It is a kind of fashion that depends on the culture and the nationality.
  5. Casual style- it is all normal style of fashion which provides comfort and flexibility.
  6. Sporty style- the type of fashion which highlights the sport and sporty items.


Some of the latest fashion trends of 2023 that made the world and its people to adopt the fashion style are-

WHOLE RED: – glossy red hues took over the fall of 2023 runways ranging from the Sandy Liang to Tory Burch. Juicy red with vibrant orange undertones that would look just as good in the head to toe looks and accent accessory pieces like shoes, handbags, jewelry, and etc.

CARGO PANTS: – utilitarian wear is in for 2023, which sets the stage for the return of the cargo pants. But these aren’t the shapeless, low rise pants for the Y2K era. For spring, this trend is translated into tailor’s silhouetted, interesting pockets placements, elevated fabrics like silk organza, and colors that go beyond khaki and olives.

SHEER CLOTHING: – it has been the motto since the end of the lockdown. In 2023, naked dressing made its way from the red carpet, where celebrities like Cher and Rihanna have been sporting the trend forever to street style. From a cellophane like dress, worn over a boldly hued maxi skirt at Tory Burch’s spring of 2023 show, to frothy frock revealing undergarments at Victoria Beckham, the previously trend that is coming not only for the weekend wardrobe.

DENIM REIMAGINED: – from double waited jeans to carpenter jeans. It’s been a while since that this excited about denim trends. Denim jeans which are getting popular day by day and this generations mostly prefer to wear denim jeans which gives an attractive look and goes on every cloth on the top. Whether it is a shirt or a jeans or a t-shirt the denim jeans suits on every sort of dress.

MAXI SKIRTS: – in the response to the ultra-unpractical miniskirts of 2022, maxi skirts are here to dominate the year. In line with the aforementioned cargo and denim trends, expect lots of low rise, pockets adorned silhouettes and floor grazing jeans skirts, as well as styles in the various prints and unexpected material like velvet gives a perfect look and charming style to the lady, and a bold look.

At our fashion technology institute in Bhubaneswar, we train our students to cope up with the growing challenges of the fashion scene and stay one step ahead of the market requirements. One of the pivotal requirements in the fashion world is to understand the trends of clothing, and accordingly make plans for the forthcoming design goals. The institute provides comprehensive and state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment to impart both practical and theoretical training. To know more visit our website-

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