Fashion Design Courses for Beginners

21 Jun
Fashion design courses for beginners

As we know, the history of humankind is told through its technological and cultural development. Our species has always been able to change its relationship and establish its dominance over nature by developing new

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technologies and knowledge. Our survival instinct has compelled us to expand our knowledge and to create the means to master our physical environment.

Knowledge, technology, and design are the three fundamental pillars of human development. Even today it is through knowledge, technology and design that human culture and history progress. Yes, you read it right: design! The prehistoric human believed that drawing gave him ownership of what he drew. Everything that humans have created has a design. As Steve Jobs brilliantly observed, “design is the fundamental soul of a man-made creation”. To lean more avail the best fashion design courses for beginners from Inter national Institute Of Fashion Design (INIFD).

Here are some of the fashions that came into the world in last decades:-

Pearl Jewelry of the ’50s: As a result of the post-WWII baby boom generation, the 1950s saw a period of domestic refinement for women in Western society. Women were supposed to stay at home and appear flawless while performing housework. With the popularity of pearl jewelry, this June Cleaver-type lifestyle mirrored the TV character’s manner. Pearl necklaces, in particular, are connected with women’s elegance throughout this era.

Baby doll Dress of the 60’s: During the 1960s, the baby doll dress was prominent. During the Second Wave of Feminism, women wanted to visibly represent their newfound liberty, thus they sought out less restrictive dress trends. The baby doll dress’s high empire waistline mixed with the ultra-short hem length was the ultimate expression of the modern feminist message women were striving to make. Twiggy, among others, was a regular wearer of this dress design.

Leather Jackets in the ’80s: Another significant stylistic transition happened in the realm of fashion as disco faded and metal rose to prominence. The ’80s were a dramatic contrast to the open designs and vibrant flowers of previous decades, ushering in the advent of black leather jackets, which were typically put over a band T-shirt. When Madonna launched her music video for “Papa Don’t Preach” in 1986, she popularized punk style and leather jackets.

Plaid Sets of the ’90s: If Cher Horowitz taught us anything in Clueless, it’s that plaid ensembles can be stylish. Following the release of the legendary film in 1995, it was evident that the all-plaid style in the shape of a matching blazer-and-skirt pair was here to stay. Nonetheless, the outfit was influenced by high fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood, who debuted a plaid skirt on the runway just a year before for her Fall/Winter 1994 collection, which was worn by none other than the ’90s supermodel Kate Moss herself.

The Tracksuit of the ’00s: Juicy Couture’s terry cloth and velour sweat suits, beloved by the likes of J.Lo, Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears throughout the early to mid-aught, are already a sentimental item that some celebs—not to mention the company itself—are attempting to bring back. Graphic T-shirts, exposed midriffs, and logo-heavy  bags were also popular during that decade.

At our fashion technology institute in Bhubaneswar, we train our students to cope up with the growing challenges of the fashion scene and stay one step ahead of the market requirements. One of the pivotal requirements in the fashion world is to understand the trends of clothing, and accordingly make plans for the forthcoming design goals. The institute provides comprehensive and state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment to impart both practical and theoretical training. To know more visit our website-

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